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Help us save the lives of 30 orphaned foals each spring, and prepare them for adoption to their loving forever homes.

Meet Alice. When she was just a few days old, this beauty became an orphan — her mother is still alive, but Alice was taken away from her so that her mother could be rented out. The milk that was meant for Alice was used to feed another foal.

Alice was rescued by the Kentucky Humane Society, whose staff and volunteers gave her the intensive care she needed. As a young and fragile orphan, she required medical care as well as round–the–clock feedings. After a few weeks in their care, Alice was old enough and strong enough to be adopted by a family with the experience to give her the life she deserves. She's an inquisitive, growing filly who adores her family and the other horses on her farm. Now Alice is being trained to be a therapy horse for children with special needs.

Since 2015, The Kentucky Humane Society has saved over 100 of these "nurse–mare foals" through their Equine C.A.R.E. Program. These baby horses are born solely so that their mother can produce milk as a surrogate for the foals of other horses. The nurse–mare foals, like Alice, are generally taken away from their mothers within a few days or weeks of birth. Their survival rate without intervention is low, and their development and adjustment to life as an adult horse rely on the care they get early in their life.

You can help. Your gift will provide milk replacer to orphaned foals, so they can thrive, grow strong, and become happy, healthy, and ready for adoption.

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