Guatemalan Seven-Strand Earth Bracelet

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Expertly woven tight into seven unique bracelets, colorful waxed threads come together to celebrate the glory of Life. Based on a creation story shared below, the charms carried on these bracelets represent the Earth, sun, stars, water and air, plants and animals, people, and the love that connects them all together. Tiny beads of glass, metal, and ceramic are woven throughout, adding a bit of shine and extra color to the earthy-hued threads. Great on their own, worn together as a set they create a serious statement of connection and admiration.

Your purchase helps to empower and lift up women from rural and urban communities in Guatemala, a part of the world that many people call the "soul of the earth." Weaving jewelry gives these women a chance to earn a decent wage to provide their families with much-needed necessities.

  • Set of 7 bracelets
  • Waxed thread, glass, metal, & ceramic
  • Includes backing card explaining the origin story & Wakami's social impact
  • Includes both adjustable & fixed length bracelets
  • Approximately 7" L (17.8 cm)
  • Handmade in & fairly traded from Guatemala

This bracelet set is based on the following creation tale: When Earth was created, it felt cold and dark. To remedy this, a sun was attached. But when the Earth was resting it became dark again, so the Earth was given the stars to light up the night. Then the Earth began to get dry and breathless, so water and air were created. Although the Earth was beautiful, nothing would grow on it. It felt sterile and needed life. So the Earth was given trees and plants. While this made the Earth happier, it still felt that something was missing. For the Earth's pleasure, animals were created, animals that could live in the sea and on the land. Earth enjoyed this, but still felt it was lacking something and was in need of nurturing. So people were created. Now the Earth felt nearly complete, but there was no connection between the trees, plants, animals, people, sun, stars, water, wind, and the Earth. Then love was created, allowing everything to become one, to finally feel connected.

Customer Reviews

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Guatemalan Eight-Strand Earth Bracelet

Love the bracelet! Plan order more for Christmas if and when they go on sale again. The small strands do slide enough to slip over your hand which I had to work at a little to figure out.

Guatemalan Eight-Strand Earth Bracelet

The first set I bought I shared with my cousin. Loved it so much I bought another set just for me!

Guatemalan Eight-Strand Earth Bracelet

These are beautiful bracelets. The ones that are not adjustable are small as other reviews have said, however my wrists are small so it works out. I am going to try and wear them for a while including in the shower. People have said you can. They take a while to put on so I would like to keep them on as long as I can. Beautiful. Looks just like the photo. Thank you!

Guatemalan Eight-Strand Earth Bracelet

I love these bracelets. My wrist is pretty small and they fit perfectly. One reviewer said that they couldn't slip over her wrist. But they have a 2 tails of thread that can be adjusted. Open them up to slip them on on, then I close them up with my teeth on one strand and pull the other. Hard to describe. And they can stay on for a long time. They are waxed heavily so they don't stay wet after a shower. Love them!

Guatemalan Eight-Strand Earth Bracelet

I love my bracelet set! I've worn it almost every day since it arrived! It's everything I was hoping it would be. I have received many compliments on it, as well as questions as to where I purchased it and the meaning behind it. You won't be disappointed in the quality and workmanship of this product.

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