Embrace and Empower the Spouses of Fallen Heroes

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Help honor and support spouses of military members who have fallen during combat.

The loss of a spouse under any circumstances is a tragic and life altering experience. In addition to their loss, military surviving spouses face additional challenges. Amidst the grief that comes with a suffering a traumatic loss, surviving spouses find themselves needing to make important and immediate decisions for themselves and their families in a rapidly changing environment. For survivors of Special Operations personnel, the grieving process can be further complicated as the complete details of their loved one's death are sometimes unavailable due to the classified nature of the mission. New survivors may or may not know anyone else who has gone through a similar situation and who can relate to them. Luckily, Special Ops Survivors is available when spouses need it most.

Special Ops Survivors' core focus is to provide personal and customized service to spouses who have lost their partner in the line of duty. Although it is impossible to bring back their loved ones, this group helps ease the transition to a new life—life that honors the legacy of their loved ones. This commitment is achieved by providing access to a community of other survivors who have gone through, survived and overcome similar obstacles. Special Ops Survivors provides practical support to survivors in various stages of the grieving and healing process as they make their way forward in their new lives.

You can help. Just $25 sends a care package to a surviving spouse of an American hero.

Special Ops Survivors' primary mission is to embrace and empower spouses of Special Operations personnel to help them build a healthy post loss future.

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