Changing Veterans Lives, Four Paws at a Time

Changing Veterans Lives, Four Paws at a Time

$5 - Provides 1 bag of Treats to Reward 1 Service Dog in Training $12.50 - Feeds 1 Service Dog for 1 Week $30 - Provides 1 Service Dog Flea/Heartworm Treatment for 1 Month $75 - Outfits 1 Service Dog with Vest, Head Halti, Collar, and Leash $100 - Provides 1 Service Dog with a Custom Harness Custom

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 Help Veterans find forever friends with a service dog.

Our nations' veterans proudly volunteered to serve our country. The commitment and sacrifice they made can sadly result in life-changing disabilities. Often, disabled veterans are in need of a service dog companion to lend them a helping hand. Luckily, our nations' heroes can rely on Canines for Veterans to provide the best possible skilled service dog to give our veterans back a part of their lives that was lost.

Greater Good Charities partners with The Canines for Veterans program to focus on training and providing highly skilled service dogs at no cost to our veterans with mobility limitations, post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries. Their work has seen dramatic improvements—moving a veteran from inability to ability with independence and confidence. Canines for Veterans takes rescued animals and trains them for 12 to 18 months—teaching them the skills needed to be a service dog and how to behave in public. This program dramatically improves the lives of veterans (and service animals!) each and every day.

You can help! Just $5 helps veterans and service dogs come together! Hope for the future is within the services Canines for Veterans provides.

Update From The Field

Boncel, a rescued orangutan

February 2019

Dave, a United States Navy Veteran, served in Vietnam as a Navy Corpsman and is the recipient of a Bronze Star and Purple Heart. Dave's service-connected diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder left him experiencing seclusion and intrusive memories. After years of not feeling like himself, Dave yearned to be able to do the things he loved again and made the decision to apply for a service dog from the Canines for Veterans program. Nicodemus was rescued from a local shelter where he was found as a stray. He excelled through service dog training where he learned over 90 commands. Dave’s smile the day he first saw Nic was truly touching. That smile never left his face during their team training and he has continued to shine with his new best friend back at home. Nic has given Dave the confidence to be comfortable in public and to truly enjoy his life. "Nic is great stress relief out in public, just a pet and the crowds don’t bother me like they usually would. He is very affectionate with everyone but always watches me, which I love. He always has my back- he's the best partner I've ever had." -Dave

April 2018

Canines for Service has expanded into a second 5,000 square foot building allowing a separation of kennel space and training space. This expansion has allowed more space for training and more space for kennels. The organization will be able to purchase additional kennels which will allow us to have up to 18 dogs in training. The grant from continues to assist us in the work of rescuing shelter dogs, training and partnering the dogs with Veterans. The Veterans are gaining independence and re-engaging in life, they are doing things they never thought they would and making dreams reality.

Canines for Service is dedicated to empowering people with disabilities to achieve greater independence and enhanced quality of life through the services of specially trained service dogs. They do this by rescuing shelter dogs, rehabilitating veterans by providing new job skills and revitalizing the wounded and injured Veteran with a give of a highly skilled service dog.

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Carrie A.A.
K-9's For Vets

This is a Wonderful Cause The Benefits Pets Bring to the Health of People is unprecented and for The Veteran this bond can impact the Life of a Veteran immensely I am All for this program Helping Vets and Animals is a Beautiful way to pawsitively impact the Health and well being of our VETS

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