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According to a 2016 Veterans Affairs study, twenty Veterans and one active-duty military member are lost to suicide every day. The data is shocking, and the reality is truly heart-breaking. These men and women sacrifice so much, but when they come home, many Veterans continue to fight for their lives. Our nation's heroes deserve so much more.

Connecting with equine therapy

Together, we can help veterans who are struggling to deal with psychological trauma. has partnered with the Warrior Meditation Foundation to support the Save A Warrior program, an innovative, residential experience for veterans, active-duty military, and first responders living with post-traumatic stress.

Each week of the program teaches resiliency training for countering the devastating effects of post-traumatic stress, anxiety, and depression. Save A Warrior helps participants in small groups develop skills and strategies with team-building exercises like high ropes courses, peer-to-peer support, and equine-assisted learning. The unique program builds lasting connections between Veterans, who often feel isolated when they return home. The course has proven effective for more than 600 warriors and touched thousands of lives.

Before SAW my life was unmanageable. I was at the end of my road; I had no road left. I was feeling a lot of shame and depression. SAW saved my life—without it I would probably not be alive. I met many amazing people and my experience was great. I was taught how to “pay it forward” and change my way of thinking. It connected me to people who share my experiences.

                                 — Jimmy Connors, US Air Force and 17-year Firefighter.

You can help support the costs of training, services, materials, meals, and lodging for heroes in the Save A Warrior program. Donate today!


The Warrior Meditation Foundation mission is to end the staggering suicide rate plaguing veterans, active-duty military and first responders. They conceive, originate and produce Integrated Intensive Retreat (IIR) program experiences including the Save A Warrior program to transform the way our heroes live their lives.

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