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Show our military that we have not forgotten about their selfless service and sacrifice!

Shifting political priorities and economic malaise at home can sometimes make it easy to overlook the thousands of Americans still deployed to dangerous places around the world. With so few serving on behalf of so many, our overseas obligations have turned into a revolving door of deployments, sending our service members on their fourth, fifth, and even sixth deployments. These frequent and extended absences add to the already stressful conditions of combat.

Practical yet meaningful, comfort and care packages remind our troops that they remain on our minds and close to our hearts. Volunteers stuff each package with the food and toiletries that aren’t always available in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan or the remote outposts of Iraq. Better yet, the packages include letters and drawings from the community members that help supply the contents, adding a small but personal touch that can help boost morale.

And you can help. These bountiful boxes — each one big enough for ten troops to enjoy — cost $25 to ship to their distant destinations. Whether filling a package or covering the postage, every bit helps show our military: “We have not forgotten.”

Report from the Field

Operation Support Our Troops

August 2018

"Thank you so very much for your package! It arrived in well condition and was a huge surprise! The diversity of the contents is such a great combination. Definitely a great way to put a smile on the face of a military member. I appreciate the wholesome snacks, the bracelet and dream catcher tremendously. Adds the perfect touch to a care package while underway. Can't wait to make them! Thank you again!"

January 2018

In 2017 OSOT – America shipped 4,269 care packages to our troops in harms way. Each box weighs between 25-32 lbs and is meant to be shared, up to 10 service members can benefit from one box. These care packages provide snacks, food, personal hygiene supplies they may not have available to them. Knowing that their county has NOT forgotten them goes a long way to lift their spirits. We also stuffed 5,000 Christmas stockings that were sent to the troops just before the holidays.

Soldiers Open Care Packages 2017

"Thank you so very much for your selfless support to community and helping my team here in Afghanistan. We greatly appreciate all the wonderful thing you sent to us, and it helps us to feel like people appreciate what we are doing. I am a US AF Major and work with a team of peo;le from all over the world who all volunteered to come to Afghanistan to help make things better. In order to make this world a better place, it takes the effort and team work of many different people working together in harmony, and for a good cause. You are a great example, people with beautiful hearts in the world community who selflessly sacrifice their time to help other who may not be as fortunate as us. Thank you again for all you do." – Coalition Forces Fusion Cell

Report from the Field

June 2017

Soldiers Open Care Packages Last Year

Thanks to donors like you OSOT-America has mailed over 2,634 boxes, 52,000 lbs to our troops. Here is a note from one thankful soldier:

I wanted to send our thanks for your generosity from the 29th Combat Aviation Brigade Operations (S3) Section. My troops and I, feel blessed and privileged to have receive all of the wonderful treats, personal hygiene items and extremely cute letters and drawings from children in your area. In the end, our success is a direct result of organizations like yours who stand by us and provide unconditional support. We succeed because of you. — MSG, USA, Brigade Operations SGM

January 2017

Operation Support Our Troops goal of sending over 4,000 care and comfort boxes to troops in hams way is going along smoothly. To date they have mailed over 1,880 boxes, 38,010 lbs to our troops. This goes a long way to help with moral and providing essential items they need while they are deployed. Many of these items they do not have access to. Many of our troops do not receive mail while they are away, not only do they receive a box addressed solely to them, but it is larger enough for them to share with their fellow servicemen.

Soldiers Open Care Packages Last Year

Report from the Field

July 2016

This grant has shipped over 300 care packages to our deployed military in harms way each month. Each box contains approximately 25 - 30 pounds of donated items. The comfort and care packages are shipped to Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey and many other areas where troops are in harms way. We are also able to send these packages to ships and Embassies.

"I received two boxes of care packages and I gave it to junior Marines. I have never seen a smile like that on their faces. We can't do our job without your support. My Marines and Sailors are working long hours without a day off. Your support and prayers bring us motivation to continue to fight the good fight."

We truly appreciate your support. God bless!
-LCDR Song Hwang

Report from the Field

January 2015

Soldiers express gratitude for their care packages

Soldiers Open Care Packages Last Year

"Thank you Operation Support Our Troops America!

I cannot express how much we appreciate all that this organization does to touch lives. It's not just soldiers- we also share with the locals in need. Their faces are warm with smiles. It's like Christmas here with sharing, caring and giving. Thank you for all the goodies, we are blessed knowing that people care for us as soldiers. We miss our family a lot, but as we get these packages you become our family too! Your caring makes our time away worthwhile. Please ask everyone back in the US to say a prayer for us during our deployment as it is hard to be away and we miss our families, especially my three children. Thank you!"
—Spc. Brown

"Thank you so much! The box was amazing and brought so much joy to my heart! The hygiene items, the water enhancer, the candy, the PEANUT BUTTER were all my favorites. I can't express how much your support means to me and all the soldiers deployed with me. My younger sister is also deployed in a different location. It's been really hard on our family. We deployed one month apart and still have 4-5 months remaining. Thank you again. My team will be here until the end of April and we appreciate your continued support."
—Sgt. B

Founded in 2003, Operation Support Our Troops-America is a grassroots effort that’s blossomed into one of the largest volunteer-based military support organizations in the country. Their mission is to improve the morale and well-being of America’s service members serving in harm’s way, their families, and returning veterans.






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